Newly Discovered Potent Purple Weed is key to dissolving body fat and super charging metabolism

(Due to the high number of threats from pharma companies, this video will be taken down soon.)

My name is Emma and I was very overweight and unhappy after having my two children. I was so self-conscious, lacked energy and felt like I was stuck in a rut. No amount of dieting or exercise helped me lose any of my stubborn belly fat.  My husband, James, was in the same boat. We were both overweight and unhappy, and it really affected our relationship.

But then something changed. We heard about a 10 second morning habit that could increase our metabolism and dissolve unwanted fat from every corner of our bodies. We decided to give it a try, and it worked!

We owe our success to the discovery of an ancient mediterranean weed containing powerful compounds which target the true cause of weight gain and stubborn fat.  Scientific studies by universities have proven that these compounds target clogged fat around your internal organs and free up your metabolism to burn off every pound of unwanted fat.  A simple daily morning ritual sets off a fat melting reaction that is far more effective than a month on any fad diet or exercise program.  One of the longest living populations on the planet do this habit daily and stay lean and healthy, even while enjoying delicious high carb foods such as pasta and pizza.

This daily habit was trialed by 1400 overweight men and women and a staggering 93% reached their target weight with this one small change alone!  Irrespective of gender, weight, age or medical condition, people who took up this daily habit have lost an average of 27 pounds each!!

Tap 'Learn Morto join the 67,129 people who have since used it to drop between 10 - 91 pounds.  People like Robert and Sonya who have both seen amazing success, losing a combined total of 100 pounds!  They both look and feel years younger than their actual ages and the passion has returned to their previously failing marriage!  Or people like Tammy who lost 42 pounds and loves being told how much younger she looks.  There’s also Sharon who lost 29 pounds and dropped 4 dress sizes and Mark who dropped a massive 55 pounds!

The multi-billion-dollar weight loss industry is keen to bury these new studies and are actively issuing lawsuits against anyone trying to share this little-known weight loss method. They don’t want you to know that obesity is NOT just the result of eating too much sugar or carbohydrate, nor lack of exercise or genetics.  This scientific discovery proves that your struggles to lose weight are not your fault!

Our mornings now start with us doing this 10 second morning ritual every day. It's simple and quick and has made a huge difference in our lives. Our metabolisms have increased, and we've both melted away many pounds of stubborn fat that no amount of dieting or exercise would previously shift. We've both become leaner, more energetic, and much happier.

It's amazing how such a small change in our daily routine has had such a big impact. We don't even think about our weight anymore; we just enjoy living our lives and being happy.  Imagine waking up each morning to discover that you have lost up to a pound of stubborn fat!?  How would it feel to have increasing confidence every day as your clothes start to feel looser?  Imagine being able to shop for a whole new wardrobe, without worrying about sizes?  How would it feel to love looking in the mirror again and to receive admiring looks and compliments from friends and family?  Would you like to be so full of energy that you can play all day with your kids or grandkids and still have energy after dark for your own relationships?  Imagine looking forward to putting on your swimsuit and confidently showing off your fit body as you head to the water?  Can you picture your doctor's surprise at your next checkup when your health markers are equivalent to someone much younger and you have to throw away your medications!?

Losing just 10 or 20 pounds can not only add years to your life but also so much quality and happiness to those years!

We've never felt better, and we owe it all to making just one simple change, which didn't involve giving up our favorite foods or exercise! Tap the 'Watch Now' button while this video is still available as we never know when it may be taken down.

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